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I believe the eyeglasses belong to Gunthar.  Are they silver wire rimmed?

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Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 8:00 PM

We have a long list of things that were left on site or in the hall. If you lost any of these items, please contact Susanna at shark75080 at sbcglobal.net or Honour at honourdubois at verizon.net to claim the item. We did take photos of these things if that will help. All of these items are in our storage locker so we will have to make arrangements to get them to you. Please excuse any cross-posting, but I wanted to make sure I got the word out. 

2-handed rattan great sword with a leather-wrapped handle
Blue canvas seat wooden frame chair - frame folds into itself

Multi-colored striped wooden director's chair - arm broken
Basket hilt rattan sword
Rattan short sword
Darkwood Dagger
2 red folding camp chairs
Blue-green camp chair
Green camp chair
Tan camp chair
Brown pottery jar or jug
Wooden square-ish bowl
Straw Hat
Horn cup with leather holder
Red and White inkle-weave belt
Middle Eastern style scarf
A blue and cream, wavy-striped "Kalida-style" bowl
Pewter Mug
Chartreuse and pink camp chair
Printed poetry pages wrapped in tan fabric (A&S entry?)
Pewter Pilgrim Badge with arrows

In Service,
Lady Susanna Nightegale 
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