[Ansteorra] Salado Market Day's Equestrian

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Thank you so much for supplying all the names to go with the faces!

You were all so amazing! One of the high points of the demo





Daria Riley




"My pets make my breakfast


All the cool people will be at the Salado Demo. Are you cool?





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I would like to thank all the folks who helped the horses and riders this
weekend at the Salado Market Days demo.  It was very hot and sunny and there
was a light audience turnout, but those who were there had a keen interest
and seemed to have a good time (based on all the questions they asked).


Sir Alexis on Ladybug, Duchess Britta on Plum and Robert on Prissy. We
certainly can't do this without the ground crew so special thanks to Jens,
Dawn, Robert and Alfred as our Herald.


And a special thanks to Baron Pug and Baroness Myfanwy for supporting our
efforts.  It was great to see you guys out there!



Unus sed Leo

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