[Ansteorra] Bonwicke's Champions

keith jefferson scubadoo03 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 6 08:47:57 PDT 2011

Tivar Thank you for your assistance in the Blackstar location the reason I was asking it seem our Blackstar is missing <some where I misplaced it>
Thanks again for the help 

PS the link that was given was bad facebook and the last years ad for the event
> The online Kingdom Calendar http://calendar.ansteorra.org/ says it's in June--this
> coming weekend, in fact--but doesn't give a link. Page 17 of
> the current Black Star give directions (which *don't* agree
> with the link Albin posted, so I'd guess the link is,
> indeed, outdated information.)
> The Black Star also says to see
> Facebook.com/BaronyofBonwicke for updates. (Which is fine,
> unless you're not on Facebook.)
>         -Tivar Moondragon 
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