[Ansteorra] Harps

Bree Flowers evethejust at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 14:57:35 PDT 2011

>> Well, yes and no. Sometimes when stuff breaks it's not the fault of
>> the stuff, but the fault of the user and what it is being subjected
>> to. I'm guessing in this case some combination of heat and humidity.
>> I've done horrible things to my harp over the years that have resulted
>> in a couple repairs. No big deal since I made it, so I can fix it.
> You *made* your harp?  I'm, even more, impressed. Was this from raw
> materials? Or a kit? Did you have any problems getting a good tone out of
> it?  How experienced at doing woodworking were you before you made your
> harp?

I made it from a plan (Musicmakers) and raw materials. Previously I
had not made a whole lot. I was in high school, this was my project
for the semester, and I had a lot of help from the teacher. It had a
beautiful tone. I can't play it worth beans. I have not repaired the
latest damage, which would require replacing the sound board, and I
think I need a table saw to do it, which I don't have. Since I can't
play it anyway it's one of those things that can wait until I get
around to it and some day will give me an excuse to buy a table saw.
Yeah, like this girl needs an excuse to buy power tools - hahahaha!

I make all sorts of stuff now. Those looms you saw at the demo, a cart
that disassembles flat and converts to a crib was last year's big
project. Next year I'm thinking a wagon that can double as a crib and
with a side that folds down to be a bench and that also disassembles
to flat. Already running ideas around in my head for that design...

She who dies with the most skillz wins :)


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