[Ansteorra] Recorders at King's College

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I'll be teaching a class on three simple songs which should complement Delphina's offering well.  No prior music experience is necessary.  So you could end the day with an instrument, some period music and the skills to use them.

  Gaston de Clermont

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Greetings good gentles,

Please excuse this obvious attempt at advertising for my class this weekend.

If you are interested in learning how to play recorders then I have the
class for you.  This weekend I will be teaching beginning recorder.  You
don't have to know how to read music and no experience is needed and I will
have enough recorders for those in attendance so don't worry if you don't
have one.  I will be selling them for $5 (all proceeds will go to my
school... we are fundraising for bass recorders...smile.)  .  I will have a
few of different size recorders for anyone to try out.  (sopranino, alto,

This class is free (unless you are wanting to take a recorder with you) but
I will take donations for handouts (again all moneys collected will be
donated to our bass recorder fund). I hope to see you this weekend.

In service,

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