[Ansteorra] Battlemoor! Fun Things To See & Do

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Wed Jun 15 08:40:54 PDT 2011

Battlemoor!  Fun Things To See & Do 
Combat  beneath the Battlemoor gate. Tournament pageantry while the sun 
shines and  evening tourneys by torchlight! 
Outlands  History Museum – Photos, artifacts and more; enjoy a pleasant 
stroll down memory  lane! 
Watch  the equestrian procession and follow the riders back to the arena 
for the pas  d’armes tournament. 
Classes  galore: clothing & textiles, music & dance, herbal lore & working  
with plants from the Battlemoor site. Visit the booths on Artisans Lane:  
woodworking, leatherworking, the forge, the period  kitchen… 
After  busy days filled with excitement, relax with friends in Town Hall 
for food,  drink & merry revels every evening! 
Visit  _www.Battlemoor.org_ (http://www.battlemoor.org/)  for details on 
these  and many other activities.  
Can't  wait to see you there! 
Battlemoor  II Autocrat Staff 
_www.Battlemoor.org_ (http://www.battlemoor.org/) 

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