[Ansteorra] Handouts for King's College

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Jun 17 19:48:12 PDT 2011

If you are teaching a class at King's College and can send me a copy  
of any class handouts or papers on your subject in electronic format,  
I'd love to consider them for the Florilegium.

If you wish to update them with things you learned from your class or  
at some time in the future, you can always send an updated version and  
I will use that to update what you've previously sent. So you don't  
have to wait until its "perfect" and in the meantime folks can still  
be learning from what you've already got.  If at some time in the  
future, you wish to replace a handout with a more polished article,  
that too, can be done.

My standard practice is that the copyright remains with the original  
author and I can handle photographs and drawings.  Word or RTF format  
is what I keep the masters in, and is the easiest for me to handle,  
but other formats are possible. I don't ask for any exclusivity, so  
what you send me can always be used at other events or published  
elsewhere.  I have heard from Peers that feel that having their  
apprentices/squires/proteges publish their work online or elsewhere is  
a good way for them to increase their visibility.

Unfortunately, I've got a job related class to take this Saturday, so  
I will be unable to make King's College this year.  But sending me  
your handout lets me, and others, learn who couldn't make King's  


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