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Morgan Buchanan morganbuchanan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 15:06:07 PDT 2011

Bead competition! 12 inch strand with 3/4 or more handmade beads, since
the point here is to show off Ansteorran artisans. Heraldic colors of
any kingdom, since The Queen will be giving these to the Queens at
Pennsic. Clasps are not required. Please by Crown Tournament enter all
the strands you want.  Put your name and your group name on a card in a
zip lock bag with the strand so I can keep up with it. I have one strand
turned in so far so he is winning...so far
Ameline at generich.com if you have any more questions

More on the competition:
 This year at Pennsic I would like to showcase the bead makers of
Ansteorra by presenting the Queens of each Kingdom with a gift box of
handmade beads. Therefore today I am starting a Bead Competition.


- 12 inch strand of beads 80% made by your hand judged on visual

- enter as many times as you want

- heraldic colors are a plus

- feel free to match it up to any kingdom if you so choose

- due by Crown Tournament in July

- attach your name and your group to your strand

- beads can be constructed of any period material (ceramic, glass, wood,

Prizes will be given to the neatest single bead, the most period bead
(documentation desired), the most visually impacting strand, and the
group with the greatest amount of submissions. Mistress Ameline will be
in charge of prizes so you know they will be good!


HRM Gwen

P.S. Gift boxes are already procured; I only have need of the beads to
fill them. :-)

Good luck

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