[Ansteorra] My Thanks for Queen's Champion

Queen of Ansteorra queen at crown.ansteorra.org
Wed Jun 22 09:15:59 PDT 2011

I'm not sure why this email just now posted to the list when I composed it
back in May. My apologies for it's lateness.

HRM Gwen

On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 10:31 PM, Queen of Ansteorra <
queen at crown.ansteorra.org> wrote:

> To my swashbucklers, my dons, my cadets, my populace,
> The events of this weekend have both inspired me and moved me to tears. The
> courtesy displayed in every aspect and in every way exemplifies the highest
> ideals of Ansteorra. The fighting was intense yet graceful. The conversation
> engaging and meaningful. The camaraderie heartfelt and joyous. I cannot
> thank you all enough for gracing me with such gifts as to be remembered for
> a lifetime.
> To the Tor and its supporters, thank you for hosting my day. Your
> recommendation to us was exceeded in all ways.
> To my champion, Don Simone Nicholls, your final bout with Don Iago Cabrera
> de Cadiz was truly a marvel to behold. The honor and prowess you both
> possess is evident even to the most untrained eye (i.e. mine lol). I want to
> thank you both for giving your all to me.
> To Don Brendan MacEwan, thank you for honoring me with your words and
> deeds. Your prowess was secondary to your concern for your queen and shown
> as a beacon of humility.
> Your Inspired Queen,
> Gwen verch Cynwrig de Insula Mona

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