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Fri Jun 24 09:28:09 PDT 2011

Only  Days Until Battlemoor!
Just  a few last bits of information. 
As  of now we are still under Stage I Fire Restrictions which state: no 
campfires,  coal or wood burning stoves or broilers. Please do not  bring 
candles or any type of wood or charcoal fire pit. NO fireworks! Smoking is  
allowed only in vehicles & enclosures or in individual camps  provided cigarette 
butts are placed in a sand filled receptacle ("butt  can") or inside a 
closed container/ashtray and the camp has a fire  extinguisher. Do Not throw 
cigarette butts on the ground! Anyone  doing so will be asked to leave the site. 
Exemptions: mechanical stoves  & appliances fueled by bottled gas which 
allow the operator to control or  extinguish the flame with a valve (On-off 
switch! and must be attended at all times). A fire  extinguisher must be 
available at each camp using such a device.   
At  present, we have permission to have a fire in the fire pit in Town Hall 
each  night as well as for the period kitchen & forge.  
Local  Fire Restrictions are subject to change at any time prior to or 
during the  event. Look for posted fire warnings and observe them. 
There  is water on site but as this area is in a drought, please feel free 
to bring  some! 
Please  check the web site for descriptions of activities, schedule & 
directions.  Also note the link to the beautiful site map. Shires & households 
are not  indicated on the map unless there is a Battlemoor activity scheduled 
there, but  there are plenty of reference points to navigate by. All camp 
arrangements that  have been made with the site staff are on the master 
reference map. Hospitality  staff will help you find your camp space when you 
arrive on  site. 
The  site owners have a snack bar on site: breakfast burritos, sweet rolls, 
misc.  snack food & drinks and a daily special for lunch & early dinner.   
According  to Intellicast: temperatures in Rye, CO are predicted to be 50s 
- 80s (more  or less) with humidity in the 30% range (again, more or less) 
and wind 14-16mph.  Pretty much the same thing for Walsenburg, CO except 
it'll be about 10 degrees  warmer. There is a slight chance of a rain shower on 
Saturday of the event.  
As  this site is a working ranch, a shovel/rake would not be a bad thing to 
have on  hand, drink lots of water, don’t forget sunscreen, prepare to have 
a lot of  fun! 
Can’t  wait to see you there! 
Madigan  & Bennet 
_www.Battlemoor.org_ (http://www.battlemoor.org/) 

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