[Ansteorra] OT: Crash space nearish TCU?

Dana Busenbark danab-steppes at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 3 19:46:31 PST 2011

Myself and 2 others need to come over to Fort Worth. We have a conference to go to for the weekend. We don't have the money for 2 nights in a hotel, and it would be just as expensive gas wise to drive back and forth for 3 days. I am wondering if any of my SCA bretheren have crash space we might be able to purport for 2 nights? Two females, one male.

Please feel free to contact me off-list. I am not on the Elfsea list, and someone was going to forward my email to that list but I do not know if it actually made it there. We'll be coming home from the conference straight to a memorial service. One of our APO brothers died last Sunday. The family is coming up this Sunday. So any help is appreciated. We've donated what little money we had to spare to the funeral costs.

Phone: 469-222-9236 (good anytime)

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