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Fri Mar 4 09:20:38 PST 2011

Posted on the Medieval Trivia list, the book maybe of interest to some of you, 
According to Amazon, it was published in Dec. 2010.  
Cheers, Hillary

Noble friends,

Just cataloged for the UVA library: BODIES OF KNOWLEDGE: CULTURAL 
Sally Crawford and Christina Lee (ISBN 9781407307145; our call # FINE 
ARTS R141 .B63 2010). This is a very specialized branch of knowledge, 
yet with disease and mental illness so rampant in medieval Europe, it 
is a subject well worth studying. The editors of this volume have 
selected six essays, some of them rather surprising: Rage Possession: 
A Cognative Science Approach to Early English Demon Possession; 
Outlawry and Moral Pervision in Old Norse Society; Hermaphroditism in 
the Western Middle Ages:Physicians, Lawyers and the Intersexed 
Person; The Nadir of Western Medicine? Texts, Contexts and Practice 
in Anglo-Saxon England; 'This Should Not Be Shown to a Gentile': 
Medico-Magical Texts in Medieval Franco-German Jewish Rabbinic 
Manuscripts; Asclepius, Biographical Dictionaries, and the 
Transmission of Science in the Medieval Muslim World. The texts are 
clearly written, and while rather scholarly, are not beyond 
comprehension to those lay persons interested in any of the topics. 
Sadly, there are no illustrations, though each essay has a large 
bibliography. For anyone interested in medieval medicine, or in any 
of the specific cultures named, this book would make good background reading.

Kind regards,

Lord Mungo Napier, Shire of Isenfir's Unofficial Librarian
(mka Garth Groff, UVA libraries cataloger)

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