[Ansteorra] A far pilgrimage

Ulf ulfie at cox.net
Mon Mar 7 19:04:48 PST 2011

Her excellency Maleah and I have returned from our pilgrimage to
Ansteorra's farthest outpost - the stellar Stellar outpost of the I.S.S.

Only a few years ago, King Ulsted & Queen Ebergardis decreed and claimed
upon ISS as Ansteorran lands. Our own Don Shamino made that historic
voyage across the Outer Sea and gave Ansteorra the honor of the first to
hold lands there.

NASA recently offered an opportunity to have your picture taken into
space on the Discovery in its historic last voyage to the International
Space Station.  So I gave them a shot of Baroness Maleah and me, finally
taking her one step closer to the stars.

So... we have crossed the Outer Sea in HMS Discovery and visited the
trading village at the edge of the world, a place I therefore call
Kaupang-Iss. We can assure Their Majesties that Their lands see regular
and goodly traffic and that the voyage there was made with minimal
discomfort. How fitting for Ansteorra, the land of the Sable Star, to
have claim to the one star above all other kingdoms.

Master Ulf

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