[Ansteorra] hints of being a Gulf War Champion

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Mon Mar 7 22:57:54 PST 2011

Here are some tips on getting to be a Gulf War A&S Champion
1 Get a copy of the A&S kingdom rules. The Laurel Circle has spent hours making our judging forms reflect the standards used at Gulf War.  We want our people to do well at Gulf War if you do well at Kingdom A& S the whole Laurel Circle will be helping you get ready for the War competition and we will be there for you at the War. 
You thought we were making Kingdom hard to make your life hard. The Laurel circle made out Kingdom harder on paper documentation so you would have an fighting chance to make a perfect score at the War. 
2 Using the documentation score yourself. Did you see the problem? Every thing you do must be backed up by documentation.  Don't panic. Talk to past Gulf War Champions and talk to your local Laurel. Don't talk to every Tom, Dick,or Harry. Talk to people who have seen past the problem of documentation and have been sucessfull. If the person starts talking about how we do documentatio is  wrong and it is destroying Ansteorra they might be right, but they are not the person to get you to Gulf War as a  Champion.
You might notice that many of the past Champions get peerage. You think it was because they won, but that is not always true. The process of  talking to Laurels and working with them to polish your piece so it is the best it can be. Listening and understanding the advice that these people give you is a way to create "rappore". They get to know you and when the Crown ask them "Does this person live to the standards of a Peer in Ansteora" they can speak about you from their heart. 
Take you piece to many contests and try to talk to your judge. Many A&S judges have a hard expressing themselves. Don't be on the offence. Take the time to draw them out and get them talking. Bring the info home and find yourself a Mentor who can talk things over with you and see the good not the Bad. I have taken comments from judges and asked them why they said what they said and they have replied "that is not what I meant" and they go on the explain what they thought.  If you have a problem with a Judge calm down and get a tranlator and go back and talk. 
This year I would be very interested in holding conversations with individuals as to people and places and contest that help you learn and understand and grow in your art form. Let us talk openly and give word fame to those who take the time to teach and help. If you have problems contact me privately. 
Duchess Willow de Wisp, Mistress of the Laurel 

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