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Subject: Grand Council Recruiting
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Greetings Kingdom Seneschal! Could you please forward the following letter
to your Kingdom's primary e-mail or Announcement list as soon as possible?
We are once again soliciting volunteers to serve on the Grand Council.

Thank you in advance!

Vscnt Daniel de Blare, KSCA
Chairman of the SCA Grand Council
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The Grand Council is a standing advisory committee to the Board of Directors
of the SCA, Inc. It is charged with providing proposals and ideas on changes
to the Governing Documents of the SCA, as well as suggesting procedural
changes for dealing with modern world problems and the SCA.

The Grand Council is not involved in policy decisions or debate regarding
how the SCA is organized on the medieval and recreational level, except
where such organization impinges on the modern world.

The Council's discussions cover a wide range of subjects. Recent discussions
have focused on such topics as: core competencies of the SCA, the need for
officer training, the health of local groups, transparency at the corporate
level and the modification of membership requirements.

For more information on the Grand Council, please visit our web pages at:

The council consists of both kingdom appointed representatives and at-large
members. If there is someone you feel should be a member of the Grand
Council, please encourage them to apply as an at-large member. If your
kingdom has no current appointed representative, encourage your Crown to
appoint one.

We encourage applications from people of all backgrounds, experiences and
locations without any concern for rank or membership status. The Grand
Council meets on-line only, so reliable and frequent e-mail access is a

Applications are being accepted ONLINE via the Grand Council's Web Page:

Applications received prior to April 30th 2011 will be used to fill
positions opening in May of this year. When completing the online form,
please be sure and fill in all requested information.

Questions about the Nominations Committee and/or the nominations process can
be addressed to:
Kat MacLochlainn (Lori Campbell) countesskat at cox.net

The Grand Council Nominations Committee would like to thank you in advance
for your time and consideration.

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