[Ansteorra] An Ansteorran Star is Fading....

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We will sing songs to Dolfin and drink mead at the Kiersted Moot this year
and for many more to come!


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> Sir Kief let me know that HL Dolfin of Cork has been given 72 hrs.
> Tony, you and I have been thunder brothers since 1992. I remember the first
> event i met you at. It was one of our Defender Tourneys that you came to.
> This was back when the kingdom had constables and I had my 82 dodge diplomat
> that looked like an unmarked car. You had an HISD car and asked if I was a
> constable. I said yes. You asked where and I said of Raven's Fort and you
> just said "I'm not familiar with that county'" I then said it's not a county
> it's a barony. You just looked at me with that "your just messing with me
> boy and I'm gonna have to hurt you if you don't stop" look. I guess at that
> point you decided I was not a "Constable" and  not Long after that
> We were both members of Stellar Thunder and and later Squires to Sir
> Kief.......
> Dolphin you always had a wise perspective to share in camp and on the
> field. Yiu would look deep into my eyes and tell me the truth, even if it
> hurt, and stayed there to help me through it.
> We have been to many Gulf Wars together. This one will not be the same.  I
> have never had a brother before you, Criss, Hawk and Randy all
> Came along!
> The Gods know you are coming, I just hope they are ready for you Brother!
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