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As much as it saddens me, I do have one announcement of note. All good
things must come to an end, and I must say that I have felt that having the
opportunity to serve as Star Signet Herald was very good. Alas, I must
announce that as of this month, my office is open for bids. The office will
be open for application until the end of June, with a new Star Signet
announced and officially taking over the office at King's Round Table in

The position is primarily a logistics function, with some cheerleading and
decision making thrown in. The summary description is that this office is
responsible for assuring that an adequate supply of completed award charters
and their respective insignia is available to fill the needs of the Crown.
Star Signet ensures that enough blank charters are produced, completed
insignias and charters are collected, that scribes are educated and given
the tools and skills they need to produce the required charters. There are
some other duties and responsibilities too lengthy to mention in this
article, so if you have questions please feel free to contact me.

Any persons interested in applying for this office, please send a completed
Application for Office (found on the kingdom website), along with a copy of
your membership card and driver's license, to myself and to the Star
Principal Herald.

In service,


Baron Duncan Hepburn, OL WSA
Star Signet Herald
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