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Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2011 10:20:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: Dessert Duchess <duchessseonaid at yahoo.com>
To: Merry Rose <Atlantia at atlantia.sca.org>
Subject: [MR] Gulf Wars XX

Good day to you all,
I am wending my way back from the Glory, camaraderie, friendship and fascination that was Gulf Wars XX.
This was my second trip to Gulf Wars and I have found myself enthralled by the things I found there last year and even more so this year.
The diversity of experiences I had there are so many that I cannot sum them all up, but I would like to take a moment to express my thanks and appreciation to the many who did so much to make this war a genuinely unforgettable experience for me.The staff was unfailingly courteous and helpful, the welcome they extended to their visitors was true example of southern hospitality and they do pamper the Royalty down there.  All of their hard work was done with a smile and a glad heart.  Our own Duchess Mary Grace was the co-autocrat, so we Atlantians got to have a familiar face meeting us at the door.
I had the privilege of meeting some beautiful hawks and falcons, saw swift hounds running and banners flying on the wind.  I as able to help with judging the A&S War Point, my thaks to those who allowed me the opportunity to make my own small contribution to the war.
I listened to Sir Kenneth and Mistress Adelaide sing at the Green Dragon Tavern, laughed with the gracious hosts of same Tavern, Their Excellencies Marion and Elesar, good folk who have come to enrich our kingdom and yet still make annual pilgrimage to their home of yore to share their hospitality, good will and love of music with all.
I had the pleasure and honor of watching Atlantia's fighters take the field in battle.  I am always proud when I watch our fighters march to War and return home unbowed and ready to fight again.
I was doubly honored to have the privilege of having wonderful fighters take the field in my honor at not one, but two Rose Tournaments.  My thanks to Meridies for sponsoring the Unbelt Tournament and to Ansteorra for sponsoring the Rapier Rose Tournament.  Addditional thanks should go out to those who were generous enough to provide refreshments for the participants at both Tournaments.  Our Atlantian fighters acquitted themselves nobly on both fields and (as usual), Atlantian valor shone forth.
I must confess that the Rapier Rose Tournament is unlike any other Rose Tournament that I have participated in anywhere.  The sheer joy and enthusiasm displayed by all is unmatched in my experience. The fighters on that field should be an example to all combatants everywhere.
As always the highest points of any war is the chance to spend time and laughter with friends both old and new.  Renewing old ties and forming new ones, cheering each other in recognition of honors both on and off the field.
My final thanks and recognition must go to our many royal cousins, both former friends and new companions.  These are such important ties to form and lead to many future years 
of friendship, camaraderie and the chance to meet on the fields of combat.
Thnak you everyone for such a week and such a War.
HRH Seonaid of Atlantia

PS  Please cross post this to other kingdom lists so these words can reach the many for whom they are intended.
Barbra E. Bolt
Duchess Seonaid ni Fhionn
3617 NC Hwy 57
Hillsborough, NC 27278
cell (919) 593-2909I rode a beautiful horse in a Royal Procession and could only marvel and the generosity and grace of the people who would bring their horses so far and work so hard so that I and the other Royals could have this amazing day.  I am humbled that they were willing to trust their babies to our (in many cases), inexperienced hands to bring us an unforgettable experience.  As an added joy I was invited back to ride again and I got to ride a magnificent war horse throughout the roads of the War.  This was an experience I shall never forget.

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