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I saw catapults made with 2 wooden paint stirring stick  and a spring clothespin.  I do not remember the exact design, but the paint sticks were glued/nailed to the clothespin with one end of the sticks even with the closed end of the clothes pin.  Once the glue was dried, a grape/marshmallow/pom-pom was put on the open end of the stick.  The stick was pushed down and released.  This would be an easy project to make.  It may take some modifications, but that was the basic design.
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Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] Table Top Trebuchet?
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I could also use some information on how to run a table top tebuchet
contest. This library want to do one for their early teens this summer. I
would appreciate at set of rules, or suggestions and ideas about what to
throw and such that will be SAFE. That is one of their concerns.


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> Can someone on this list point me to some resources for building a table
> top trebuchet?  This would be for 9-12 yr olds to build and shoot grapes or
> something from.
> Thanks,
> Claire
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