[Ansteorra] A&S Request for Medieval Fair

Heather / Droen wolfyheather at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 22 13:52:33 PDT 2011

Good day to all my fellow Ansteorrans!

This is call  for items to display in  the A&S tent at the Medieval Fair in 
Norman, OK April 1st,  2nd & 3rd.  We need examples of all kinds - and 
documentation would  be a huge plus if you've worked it up for competitions.  It 
would be  ideal to have at least a simple paragraph describing the item to  
accompany it at the table, so that volunteers in the tent have something  to 
refer to when showing Fair patrons around.  Please contact me to  arrange 
getting the item to us  and to work out what kind of space (table, rack, display 
case) you need  for it.  I hope to make this the best A&S display yet, but I 
cannot  do it alone!  If you would like to do a performance piece, we  also have 
the ability to work that in either at the A&S tent, in the  Living History tent, 
or even on the lyst field between bouts.

We  need volunteers to man our A&S and Living History tents!!  As a   departure 
from previous policy, it has been decided that this year there  will be a 
schedule for volunteers manning the A&S and Living  History tents.  A person can 
only work in each tent for one shift at a  time with a mandatory break of two 
hours between  shifts.  If you would like to work one shift in the A&S tent and  
the next shift in the Living History tent (or vice-versa) that would be  ok.  
The shifts are going to be two hours long beginning at 9am (in  order to  help 
with set up in the morning) and running through 7pm.  We hope that  having two 
hour shifts will allow us to spread the work out a little and  allow a few of 
our usual workhorses to take a much needed break during  the fair.  Since the 
tents will be set up differently this year, there  will not be space for people 
who are not scheduled to work to sit in  either tent.  There WILL be a tent on 
the compound where people can go  to sit and relax or socialize.

I would like to have four people  to man the A&S tent and assist Fair patrons.  
A general knowledge of  A&S is helpful, but a friendly personality is required!  
I would  prefer to have more, but there should be two people working on some 
form  of A&S in the Living History tents at all times - what you work on  can be 
as simple or involved as you choose.  Another change this year  will be the 
addition of one or two docents who will be in the Living  History tent to  act 
as a kind of go-between for the public and the artisans.  Their job  is to talk 
with patrons and explain a little bit about what the  artisans are doing so that 
artisans who are not comfortable chatting  with the public can feel more 
comfortable about doing their work at the  Fair.  I fully understand that not 
everyone is outgoing and eager to  talk to strangers, and I want everyone to 
feel that they can participate  at the Fair if they are so inclined.

Shifts available are:
Friday    9-11am

Saturday    9-11am

Sunday    9-11am


Please contact me if you would like to work any of the above shifts.  

Remember, this isn't Namron's Medieval Fair demo - it's the entire SCA's.  
People from around the  world come to this Fair and we share the dream with many 
who we will  never see again, but who enrich other baronies and kingdoms in the  
months and years to come.

Lady Droen O'Rourke
Namron Minister of Arts & Science
Medieval Fair Arts & Science Director

P.S.  Please forward this to any groups or people you feel would be interested.


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