[Ansteorra] Combat Archery Challenge

HE Chiang Chi-sh h chiang at clearwire.net
Tue Mar 22 15:45:19 PDT 2011

Funny that you guys should bring that up. We were just discussing such 
options for Bonwicke's Champions in June.
Your humble servant,
HE Chiang Chi-sh h
Baron of Bonwicke

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Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] Combat Archery Challenge

> One suggestion for format...
> http://www.companystsebastian.net/files/boxtourney.htm
> We have run this a couple of times including at the last Squires Cadets & 
> Arcarius event quite successfully.  It's also the format used for years in 
> An Tir to select their Royal Protector.
> To further entice people to these endeavors if the MiC contacts be at the 
> same time they contact  His Excellency then I will provide the makings for 
> two dozen combat bolts to go along with his crossbow.
> Regards,
> -EA
> On 3/22/2011 4:33 PM, Jean Paul de Sens wrote:
>> So, our armoured archers did awesome this year, but Trimaris will feel 
>> the
>> sting, and they will be back next year in greater numbers unless we do
>> something about it.  And I'm a "put my money where my mouth is" kind of 
>> guy,
>> so here's the deal.
>> If at an event,
>> a) the archery Marshal in Charge (MiC) will run a combat archery 
>> competition
>> (rules totally up to the marshal in charge)
>> and
>> b) let me know at least two weeks before hand
>> I will provide a single combat crossbow to be given out as a prize.  The 
>> MiC
>> can give it to the top scorer, or the most promising newcomer, or 
>> whatever
>> they wish.  I leave it up to the MiC.
>> Comte Jean Paul de Sens

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