[Ansteorra] Combat Archery Challenge

Mike Gideon mg1m at swbell.net
Wed Mar 23 13:31:50 PDT 2011

Actually in the opinion of the current Society Deputy for Combat Archery and previous (Sir Omarad) Society Earl Marshal, as long as it is conducted as Target Archery using Combat Archery Equipment (with fully armoured "targets) it falls under Target Archery rather than Combat Archery as there is no actual engagement.

Michel mac Donnchaid

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> The moment you shoot "at" someone it becomes combat.
> -JP

Okay, that's not how *I* would define combat (I'd say both participants should be able to be hit, not just one) but I'm not on the Board or in the Marshallate hierarchy, so my opinion's not worth much. <G>

        -Tivar Moondragon 
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