[Ansteorra] Combat Archery Challenge

Robert G. Ferrell rgferrell at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 13:42:48 PDT 2011

On 3/23/2011 3:21 PM, Chris Zakes wrote:

> Okay, that's not how *I* would define combat (I'd say both participants
> should be able to be hit, not just one) but I'm not on the Board or in
> the Marshallate hierarchy, so my opinion's not worth much. <G>

There are, it seems to me, two distinct components to combat: defense
and offense.  If you remove the offensive operations, you're just a
target, not a combatant. For combat authorization purposes, you need to
understand how fighting works and what you can and cannot do as a
fighter on the field.  As a target, you only need to be inspected for
proper armor and have a basic understanding of what constitutes adequate
defensive behavior (e.g., don't suddenly take off you helm and scratch
your head during a shoot).


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