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Thu Mar 24 09:03:47 PDT 2011

I think that it is important to note that Graf Galen's trailer went 
missing early-on, before war was open to the general populace and before 
the back gates and packing areas where being manned.   It was also 
before the staff had gone through Troll and had any car or trailer tags 
or anything like that.   Any Gulf War system in place likely would not 
have helped  because the Gulf War systems were not yet all up and running.

Year after year at the staff meetings I have heard of all of the parking 
problems that are caused by Trailers being left attached to vehicles.  
That was mentioned again this year and I believe the intent for the 
future at Gulf War is to not allow any trailers to remain attached to 
the tow vehicles and perhaps to have a separate trailer parking area.

I believe the best protection is to simply make sure that you trailer is 
well locked.  When I spoke to Graf Galen on Saturday before was I 
believe he indicated to me that the missing trailer had not yet been 

Trailer hitch locks like this do a good job and is likely all that is 






It is a shame that the world we live in requires such measures but I 
believe that the best solution is probably also the simplest 
solution.... Keep the trailers locked.



On 3/24/2011 10:42 AM, John Hirling wrote:
> Been thinking about this one.
> How would this work (with trailers that are a car length or less):
> Set up parking so that it's two deep per row - two vehicles or a vehicle and
> a trailer.  If a trailer owner decides to leave site, s/he either takes the
> trailer with him/her or pulls it up to where the vehicle had been parked and
> takes the chance that another vehicle will occupy the abandoned trailer
> spot.  If the space behind the trailer is taken, park elsewhere - but you
> will still be able to hook to your trailer.
> Make sense?  If so, it will never be implemented :)
> ~ihon
> 2011/3/24 Kazimierz Złowieszczy<kazoflr at gmail.com>
>> Agreed. At the very least, we need to suggest that there be a system for
>> assuring that the car leaving site with the trailer is the appropriate one.
>> I feel that we need to also look at a way to ensure that trailers can
>> remain
>> attached and locked to the owner's cars. I am frustrated with the system we
>> currently use which makes us either separate the two or park offsite. I
>> understand that space for parking is a problem already. Perhaps we could
>> have a lot designated for car with attached trailer parking which has
>> slightly larger drive aisles to allow for the turning movements required
>> for
>> a car/trailer combo.
>> On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 9:55 AM, Dana Busenbark<
>> danab-steppes at earthlink.net
>>> wrote:
>>> A suggestion that I have is considering that the gate is always manned,
>>> have someone with a clipboard back there, with the license plate on the
>>> trailer and car, so that when someone leaves with a trailer, it can be
>>> verified that the trailer belongs with that car. Or, since we have
>> parking
>>> pass things for the windows, or perhaps make one that says 'Trailer' with
>>> the basic information about the trailer that has to be kept on the dash
>>> board. Or shown when you go to leave with the trailer.
>>> On Mar 24, 2011, at 9:51 AM, Galen Bevel wrote:
>>>> Our trailer was taken from the trailer parking lot near the back gate.
>>> This
>>>> was done on Saturday between noon and 5pm.
>>>> Graf Galen Kirchenbauer
>>>> 2011/3/21 Kazimierz Złowieszczy<kazoflr at gmail.com>
>>>>> I have heard reports of one trailer stolen at Gulf Wars this year. My
>>>>> trailer had an attempt at theft made on it, one which will require
>>>>> extensive
>>>>> repairs to the trailer tongue and replacement of several locks.
>>>>> Fortunately,
>>>>> the locks held and I was able, with assistance of a friend and a
>>> crowbar,
>>>>> to
>>>>> re-attach my trailer to my car and bring it home. My trailer was
>> parked
>>>>> past
>>>>> the equestrian area, near where the overflow trash was taken by the
>>> King's
>>>>> Arrow employees.
>>>>> I am curious as to how many trailers also were damaged this year. Was
>>> this
>>>>> widespread or limited to one area of the parking lot(s).
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