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Hmm, That is interesting that they felt comfortable enough to make all that noise with people around.
Lady Giovanna of Raven's Fort
who never could pass up a good detective story/Nancy Drew!  :)

On Mar 24, 2011, at 09:20 AM, Kazimierz Złowieszczy <kazoflr at gmail.com> wrote:

> That is true. However, my trailer was damaged between Thursday and Saturday
> of war week. There was an obvious attempt at breaking the locks. When the
> locks held, the tongue of the trailer was beaten with a sledge or ball peen
> hammer such that the tongue had to be bent back into shape with a crowbar.
> Had my trailer been attached and locked to my car, if the locks were
> defeated, the weight of the trailer would have made it difficult to push it
> far enough away from my car so as to hitch it to another vehicle. I know how
> difficult my trailer is to move, even unloaded. While it may still have been
> stolen, the time and effort needed to move the trailer out from behind my
> car far enough to hitch it another vehicle in order to steal it would make
> it less attractive to the thieves.
> I don't know what the perfect solution is to this issue. I do know that
> having trailers parked with easy access in remote lots has caught the
> attention of the thieves. Now that they have absconded with one, I can
> guarantee you these bandits will be back next year looking for more
> trailers.
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