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Cisco Cividanes engtrktwo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 09:58:21 PDT 2011

I've been more or less just listening so far, but I wanted to make a few

1. you may thing this is a long shot, and even I think its crazy, BUT,
considering how much these trailers cost, maybe people should jack up one
side and remove the tire/s, locking it their car. I know it sounds
over-the-top, but honestly, if someone was willing to take a hammer to a
lock and risk discovery, than any additional security measure might well
just be breached by brute force, or the trailer might be damaged in a failed
attempt. Its not line heavy metal things walking around a large SCA event
are all that uncommon, so someone walking with a crowbar and a sledg hammer
would hardly attract a lot of attention. I guess my summary statement here
is that me might want to consider taking away rather than adding. Just a

2. I'm a private security guard, and my first thoughts to additional
security in the trailer parking lot are these. A) I don't think the hosting
group can do it, because if they have a checklist or guards, then I think
they just assumed responsibility for whatever happened to the trailers,
Don't hold me to that, but I seem to remember some corresponding incidents
Ive had professionally where insurance companies screamed bloody murder
because the site was guarded, but stuffl still got stolen. Not a lawyer
here, but I think liability law will come into play if we walk too far down
that road. And B) Part of my job used to be tracking trucks and trailers at
work sites to make sure something didn't wonder off just like we are talking
about. Even with a week's training, computers, a digital camera and a
written procedure, the process was still chaotic and labor incentive. Say
what you want about how easy it should be, but I was there, and life just
had its own plans, or at least that was my experience.

3. I'm not trying to stir the pot here, but has anyone considered that the
person/people who stole those trailers are reading this e-mail right now?  I
know you may think I'm crazy (again), but consider that if the person
was familiar with site, they might be SCA, and they might be listening in to
kingdom lists just to see how much stuff they stirred up. You may think it
sounds far fetched, but when I was guarding a refinery, we caught people
breaking in, and they had old scanners in their cars so they could listen in
on our radio traffic and figure out when we were not close to them. Those
were $40 scanners, searching these lists is free. My point isn't to get us
pointing fingers at each other, please don't read it that way. And neither
is it to sew distrust. But if we don't have a realistic idea of what our
adversaries may look like, we're never going to be able to get a handle on
good security.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk (who misses Gulf War something fierce)

Okay, I've said my bit, and I hope I didn't offend/insult anyone in the
process. This is just strictly be thinking out loud.

On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 11:32 AM, Elizabeth Crouchet <elizabeth at crouchet.com
> wrote:

> Maybe a trailer with a  lojack device?
> Claire
> On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 11:29 AM, Casey Weed <seoseaweed at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I say we build a trailer in the shape of a giant wooden horse...
> >
> >
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