[Ansteorra] Gulf Wars Trailers

Ronnie H womrn at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 24 12:28:59 PDT 2011

My thoughts and opinions follow: 
Many padlock-type locks can be broken through: the lighter ones with bolt cutters, hammers and prybars; the heavy-duty ones with a very portable and relatively quiet "plumber's torch" (think OA torch in a can about the size of a personal water jug). 
A RL friend with a warehouse-type building uses a creative deterrent that, with a bit of thought, might be adapted to a variety of locks on trailers, boxes, etc.  Thick (thick!) heavy steel angle-iron can be welded together to make a square "tube" (possibly a forged form is available).  The inside needs to be just wide enough to allow a hand to reach inside it (smooth rough edges to prevent skin cuts).  The tube needs to be long enough that bolt-cutter handles don't have room to reach in and still open the jaws around anything, and also long enough that the fire end of a plumber's torch can't heat the locking bar or padlock.  In addition, the tube needs a cut-out, in the middle of one of the flat sides, that is just large enough to let a latch-hasp ring slide into it. 
Close and latch the door.  Slide the latch-hasp ring into the square tube slot.  Inside the tube, run a (sturdy) padlock locking bar through the latch-hasp ring and lock it.  While it is locked, the steel protects the lock.  Also, the steel is butted up against, and thus protects, the entire latch-hasp mechanism on the door and frame, making even prying on that mechanism troublesome (the thick self-built ring on my friend's setup comes all the way through both the steel plates inside and outside his metal door and the steel latch-hasp, and isn't just attached to the outside).  To unlock, reach in with the key (keep a spare or two against possible loss!).  Although this takes a little dexterity, it's manageable. 
I did call this a "deterrent".  There are some useless creeps that like a crime-based challenge.  Obviously, a determined foul spirit with enough unobserved time and resources will find a way to breach any efforts at security.  (The historic retribution of cutting off a thief's hand, although distasteful, has its appeal; as does trussing them and giving their victims tasers.)  The more noise, difficulty and time it takes to accomplish, the greater the deterrent.  
Also, there are tongue hitch and axle locks and wheel "boots".  With what SCAdians spend on garb, equipment, weapons, trailers, etc., any or all of these are sensible investments. 

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