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On Mar 24, 2011, at 12:14 PM, Bill Tait wrote:

> Removing a wheel is a great idea. A pretty effective deterrent. Of  
> course
> the "bad guys" could always carry an assortment of trailer tires...

Yes, this is a good idea. EXCEPT when Gulf Wars ends with a rain or  
snowstorm like it did last year.  Or Gulf Wash a few Gulf Wars ago. Do  
you really want to be re-attaching that wheel (or wheels in the case  
of a tandem axle) while you are ankle or knee deep in mud and water.  
How well does your jack work in that same ankle or knee deep mud?

> Our highway crews do this to the mobile electronic signs to deter  
> theft. Of
> course you could always take the one wheel from one to steal the  
> next one
> down the road...

But some crews don't seem to be smart enough to change the master  
default password that lets anyone modify what the signs say.

> Another idea that comes to mind is to nail it down. A scrap car rear  
> axle
> (hub flange and long rod) driven into the ground would be a good  
> anchor to
> lock the trailer to. It may take some effort to get it out at war's  
> end, but
> it's another step to discourage theft.

This is the ideal solution and why I specifically object to being  
required to remove my trailer from my vehicle. Every trailer spot  
should have such a secure place to lock to, but there aren't enough  
trees there and we can't expect the landowner to supply such a lock- 

> 1. Lock your trailer (hitch lock, door locks)
> 2. GPS transmitter
> 3. Remove a wheel
> 4. Nail it down.
> Short of an armed guard, that's about all one could do, I think.
> William

For the last few years we've been renting a U-haul trailer for Gulf  
Wars. Some of these options don't work with a trailer you don't own.


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