[Ansteorra] why bardic at feast?

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Thu Mar 24 16:58:39 PDT 2011

Dear Arthur
I go to the SCA to experience the Majesty of the Medieval time. I want the show and it is why I have stayed in the  SCA. I like background music and singing and I like someone who do something to make a feast feel like a feast. I could always go to town and eat there. 
the problem is that I feel the need to portray a Medieval Lady at events. I suppose that is why I got a lion. It is just a lot easier for me to maintain "the Duchess" if there is some entertainment during feast. 
Now I would be happy with musician behind a screen and people coming in with torches and flaming rabbits. I liked that a lot when it was done in Outlands. Or a Mermaid on a divan-- that happened at Steppes. That was fun. 
For entertainment I will be happy with most anything. I am Easy. 
I have noticed that lot of people have been working a lot. I know the work crew doesn't want to play any silly games. to them this isn't some beautiful magical moment. It has been hard work and they are proud of that work and now they want to sit and talk and wind down. 
For the rest of us you have made us feel like we are in Camelot. and we are truly Lords and Ladies in a great hall. it is like we are in two different worlds. 
what can we do to compromise??
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