[Ansteorra] why bardic at feast?

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ahh but it is that very magic that is created when someone takes the time to 
set up and participate in a bardic camp site, to let others know that they 
are welcome to join in or just listen.
it also has the added bonus  of assuring that if someone is there, they want 
to be there, that the performances and people are enough to keep them there.
but the big point is that everyone gets a chance to see their own version of 
the dream. not be forced to see the dream of 1 or 2 people or go away .

I do know a couple blacksmiths, perhaps we can make some leg irons and 
attach an old anvil , so that when we catch a wild musician, we can chain 
him/ her behind a screen, and torture them with the wonderful aromas of food 
, that everyone else gets to eat while they perform ; )

yes it takes many people working hard to make any event a success, the 
bigger the event, the more workers, ( and in the sca,they are all doing that 
work for free )so to tell them they don't matter and neither do their 
opinions, is a very sure , very fast way to make sure you have no one 
volunteering to do anything , except go to someone else's event.

luckily we are the " society for creative anachronism" and not a recreation 
society, we can do things a little differently than was even done in the 
fantasy world of Camelot, I for one am very happy not to be recreating rat 
carried plagues, poisoning monarchs and nobles if we didn't agree with them, 
or wanted their lands ,and drinking from the same water that everyone bathed 
and relieved themselves in . and I really enjoy not sleeping in vermin 
infested beds, or makeup on women that poisoned them, or drawing and 
quartering as a form of public entertainment : (

you mentioned revels in your earlier post, has anyone thought of doing a 
revel with a " feast " theme ??
or perhaps a bardic event with a feast ??

or at a bare minimum applied for autocrat at a local event ?
since the autocrats are the ones that do all the planning, and organizing, 
and outside a very few people  ( crowns, landeds,or seneschals )
( or at marshal events the mic ) making requests to change something, they 
are the final say on how an event is run from start to finish .

again just my opinions, your mileage may vary ; )

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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> Dear Arthur
> I go to the SCA to experience the Majesty of the Medieval time. I want the 
> show and it is why I have stayed in the  SCA. I like background music and 
> singing and I like someone who do something to make a feast feel like a 
> feast. I could always go to town and eat there.
> the problem is that I feel the need to portray a Medieval Lady at events. 
> I suppose that is why I got a lion. It is just a lot easier for me to 
> maintain "the Duchess" if there is some entertainment during feast.
> Now I would be happy with musician behind a screen and people coming in 
> with torches and flaming rabbits. I liked that a lot when it was done in 
> Outlands. Or a Mermaid on a divan-- that happened at Steppes. That was 
> fun.
> For entertainment I will be happy with most anything. I am Easy.
> I have noticed that lot of people have been working a lot. I know the work 
> crew doesn't want to play any silly games. to them this isn't some 
> beautiful magical moment. It has been hard work and they are proud of that 
> work and now they want to sit and talk and wind down.
> For the rest of us you have made us feel like we are in Camelot. and we 
> are truly Lords and Ladies in a great hall. it is like we are in two 
> different worlds.
> what can we do to compromise??
> willow
> willow
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