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On Mar 25, 2011, at 6:43 AM, Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner <burgborrendohl at valornet.com 
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> On 3/24/2011 7:16 PM, Bree Flowers wrote:
>> Third option is the "background music" option which is best
>> accomplished with only instrumental performers. Harps, lutes,
>> harpsichords and the like lend themselves well to this format. The
>> only issue here is that the performer must put their ego aside and
>> acknowledge that they are background and "flavor" not the main
>> attraction.
> My harp teacher calls that a "potted palm gig".   She says you're  
> hired to sit and play during some upscale event and you inevitably  
> get placed near one or two potted palms.
> We have a wonderful group of musicians up here in the North who play  
> many of our feasts.  I always feel there is something missing when  
> they aren't present.

Yeah, this format is my fav by far. Elevates feast to "fancy meal"  
status for me. But it requires people with the skills and willingness  
to do it. And let's face it, learning an instrument is harder than  
singing, at the very least because you have to buy the instrument  
while vocal chords are free. This from someone who can sing just fine  
but has tried and utterly failed at more instruments than I'd care to  

Rest assured, if you are an instrumental musician who does this, your  
work is appreciated more than you will probably ever know.


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