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HI all,

Umm... Welp...

Each year the Rohe family sponsors a trail ride in association with the Walker County Fair.  At the moment there are several HUNDRED horse trailers, campers, and persons of the cow poking persuasion just over the rise from Swein Camp.  I'm not sure which group will be of the greatest shock to the other, but I think a general heads up is in order.

I just spoke with Scott Rohe and although he wasn't aware of activities this weekend, he did say that the Trail Riders don't have free range of the property and that they shouldn't stray over onto our side of the property.  Shouldn't don't mean won't.

If it was anything like last year, there will be a lot of drunken revelry, LOUD country music, BBQ a sizzling, and hossy's a' neighing  for Saturday evening, so bring your drum, vuvuzela, or bagpipes and just pretend they are Arabs, Vikings, Mongols, Romans, Russians, Injuns, or whatever your invading hoard of choice might be...

We never seem to have just a regular Investiture...  It should be interesting.

David Saint David
Raven's Fort

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