[Ansteorra] Bardic At Feast lurkers

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i believe that it should be up to the landeds, and the autocrats, period.
the landeds ,because it is the baronies event, and they represent the barony 
to the crown and known world as much as they represent the crown to the 
the autocrats , because they are the ones chosen to design, create, and 
staff the event.
so if the autocrats , or landeds want music, or bardic during their feast, 
they will arrange it before hand , as part of their design, if not they will 
make no such arrangements .
and why would anyone with any honor want to jump up and ruin the 
preplanning, hard work, and to that point well executed event, for the sole 
purpose of drawing attention upon themselves ??

what if someone designs a " monks feast " where no one may utter a sound ?? 
should the bards all jump up and burp a song , the dancers all stomp dance, 
and the musicians all play loudly ?

for me it is likened to the difference between " court " and " high court " 
we see " court " at most events, because that is what most people want, and 
most events schedule time for.
on the other hand at a " high court ' every one above a certain oop and 
their consorts are paraded into court and and introduced / reintroduced to 
their magesties
and gifts are presented to to their magesties , everyone is in their faciest 
garb, music playing in the background, jesters hopping up to fill dead space 
during court, etc., and no cameras or folding chairs are allowed .

one is beautiful , extravigant, full of pomp ,and very time consuming, one 
is as quick as possible, everyone is welcome in court,the crown already 
knows most of the people at or above a certain oop,( mainly because they are 
still doing whatever they were doing to get there in the 1st place ) even in 
their modern folding chairs if that is what they have to sit on, with a lot 
less frills. but people like it because it doesn't take all night to do.

just my opinion, your mileage may vary

with great honors , come great responsibilities.
Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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> all right I am putting myself on the line.
> OK some people maintain the position that "Most People do not want to be 
> bothered with performance at feast, period."
> I maintain that we should have some performing as fits to the theme of the 
> feast. What I mean is like a skall performing at a Norse feast and chamber 
> music at a Renaissance Banquet.
> some people believe anyone who wants to should get up- no  control at all.
> I would really like to know  what you think, Silent majority. Please just 
> make a small note. .
> willow
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