[Ansteorra] Gulf Wars Trailers

Miles Grey Kahn at West-Point.org
Sun Mar 27 14:46:09 PDT 2011

Richard Threlkeld wrote:

>I believe the trailer was stolen on the first Saturday as the owner was early-on. There was no security person on the back gate at that time or so I heard. 
>I would suggest we use locks on the tongues and perhaps cables locked to other things.

In addition to the "usual" hitch locks, prehaps a little "overkill" 
might be in order.  Consider using not only the type of lock that 
prevents you from opening the latch, but add two other locks as well.  
The first would be something like this:
It appears to fill the hitch ball receptacle.

Then add something like this:

The second link for the Brinks J-Lock shows how it's used.

Iff you want to add more visible security, buy a simple, metal wheel 
chock (painted bright yellow or red) and one of those cut-resistant 
bicycle cable locks.  Put the chock in place, then use the cable lock to 
fasten it to the trailer tire.

Even if you choose to skip the latter and just go with the other three, 
you'll be spending less than $100.  Unless something about your trailer 
makes it particularly attractive, a thief is likely to decide your 
trailer isn't worth the effort.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the thieves do a daylight 
reconnaisance and then return much later - probably after the rear gate 
is no longer manned - to steal one of the trailers they picked out.  
Even if the back gate were more secure, it wouldn't deter theft because 
the locks that are usually used on gates aren't difficult to defeat, and 
I doubt we could convince the owner to undertake the expense of 
installing such a secure gate, even if it's something we want.  I'm not 
sure we do.  I overheard at least one person speak of day-tripping 
friends who remained on-site a little later than planned and were able 
to bypass the gate and leave.

  Miles Grey

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