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Your Highness,

Some fighters drop to the ground to join their opponent; some don't. Ansteorra has a strong culture that says chivalrous acts are chivalrous only if they aren't required by rules or custom.  If they are expected, then you're just following the rules. 

I'd guess that most people don't drop to their knees, because two grown men on their knees can look a little silly. 

After taking the opponent's arm, lots of people toss their shield; lots of people don't.  And there are lots of reasons to do it or not do it.  (I was once facing Earl* Inman when he dropped his shield.  Knowing his skill, I assumed he could still one-shot me, and I didn't want the world to see he could do it against my shield, so I dropped mine.)  The crucial Ansteorran idea is that it's your free choice.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

*This was awhile ago.

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>Thank you now I under stand the advantage of legging someone in the west if we take a arm we normally yield our shield do you yield your legs if you leg a opponent ? Or is it a point of chivalry to yield you legs for us in the west if we legg our opponent we don't yield our legs because We have the 90 rule (can't step past 90 of their knees ) so for a legged opponent itakes the a harder target. How ever if we arm our opponent we normally drop our shield as the advantage is great. I am asking because I want to respect your customs and curiosity's. 
>Kennric Maur
>Prince of Oertha 

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