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Thu Mar 31 16:43:02 PDT 2011

I like a good period kit as much as the next person... almost as much as I
like playing devil's advocate. >=)

A few points:

- The cost difference is much greater when you consider that these folks
*already* own the fencing masks, so the cost isn't mask vs. helm, it's paint
vs. helm.
- While we are talking about cost of equipment, I would say it is silly to
discard a piece of equipment for another while it is still fully
functioning. I now have a burgonet with perf faceplate to fence in, after
20+ years of fencing, only because the mask finally started to fail, and I
needed a new one.

- The items we are talking about are not intended to represent period
attire, they are safety equipment. As a matter of fact, since they are
safety equipment, maybe them being brightly painted isn't such a bad thing.

-  While we can *mask* <g> our safety equipment into looking like period
attire, let's not forget it's purpose. They are worn on the field, during
combat, and removed and put away once the tournament is over. Not the same
thing as a baseball cap being used in place of a period hat.

- Plenty of senior fencers (sadly, I fall into that category now) still wear
masks, and painted or not, we overlook them.

- I know to the good knight's angst, the bar for SCA attire is set at "a
reasonable attempt". This includes nylon chairs, plastic tents, epee bell
guards, and tennis shoes. We cannot, while maintaining the open welcoming
access from the outside, ever hope to raise that bar.

If one has money falling out of the skies into their hands and wishes to
upgrade to a completely period kit, more power to them. I say though that if
we are going to focus our attention on getting anything more period, it
should be footwear. That is something that is not too expensive, that will
do a lot to making a kit more period on and off of the field.

Just random thoughts from an over-caffeinated individual,

Duncan Hepburn

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 2:01 PM, Bree Flowers <evethejust at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Purist here.  To me the painted fencing mask is the rapier combat
> equivalent
> > of the pink stuffed animal crest on a spun-dome, bar-grill starter helmet
> > (attached with the prerequisite bunjee cord).
> This totally.
> I understand the need for modern fencing masks, but it seems to me
> like painting them will just encourage people to wear them longer,
> rather than replacing them with something better. And like someone
> else said, it draws attention to it. It's like people who spend lots
> of time/money coming up with ways to hide/cover/paint dome tents when
> there are plenty of affordable canvas options out there. Use the dome
> while you have to, but accept it for what it is and replace it when
> you can. I haven't seen a lot of dome-modification here (thankfully)
> but I did see a bunch of it in other places I have lived, and it just
> drew more attention to the modernity of the item in question.
> When you *need* something for medical reasons (wheelchairs, glasses,
> shoes with orthotics, and I'm sure there are plenty of other examples)
> I totally believe in whatever modifications you want to try to make.
> Not that you should feel obligated, I'm just saying it makes sense to
> do what feels right for you. But when there are period options I don't
> see any justification for modifying modern things, especially if it
> doesn't get them to look any closer to being "right".
> ~Eve
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