[Ansteorra] Glazing Feast Gear

Asgard Farms daria at asgardfarms.com
Thu Sep 1 04:56:41 PDT 2011

At Stepps Artisan I brought some blank ceramic feast gear for people to
decorate. It was GREAT fun!

The 1st set of items are out of the kiln and ready for delivery at Fall


It was such fun for everyone - let's do it again!


I will have everything needed at Fall Baronial for you to decorate your own
feast gear (plates, mugs, and trenchers)

After you decorate them I will cover them in clear glaze and fire them for
delivery at Coronation


All I ask is a $5 donation per piece to cover the cost of glaze & firing.


I will be tucked near the list field on a blanket for anyone who wants to
give it a shot. 

Children MUST be accompanied by an adult (under 16 years old)


Daria Riley







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