[Ansteorra] The plague wanes

Darnell Daniels dmage121 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 2 14:03:27 PDT 2011


The year is 1351, and the plague has moved North. In Southern Europe it seems that the plague does not claim as many victims as it once did only 3 years ago. It could be that the disease has fewer victims to claim, or that we are finally seeing the end of this calamity. Look across these lands my fellow survivors and see what the 'great pestilence' has done. Half of Paris is dead and a third of Florence. The Brotherhood of the Flagellants has been driven out by the church. Yet many still practice their gruesome rituals away from watchful eyes of the clergy. It is rumored that an Italian writing under the pen name Marchionne di Coppo Stefani is drafting an account of this, the worst of calamities. When finished, it would be wise my companions in survivor-ship, to read this manuscript and maybe when can find clues to prevent such outbreaks in the future.
How can we move on from this? How can we, the survivors, renew what the plague destroyed? Our faith, our families, our well being, our means to support and govern ourselves; all has been affected. How do we overcome such tragedy, such loss?

I have a solution. Come let us put this all behind us and morn not the dead, but celebrate life. 

Make your way, to Venice (Camp Camwood) in a mere half years time (next weekend), and celebrate with us (Gate's Edge). There promises to be entertainment for all. The merriest of you will be rewarded as will those who provide entertaining demonstrations of prowess and skill (Champions of Gate's Edge will be chosen). One among you will chosen as Merrymaker Extraordinaire (Overall Champion). The Crown and other royals from across these lands will be in attendance. I look forward to seeing you there citizens. 

Robert of Coleford
Autocrat, Bring Out Your Dead!
Gate's Edge Fall Event

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