[Ansteorra] Great response for icee tubes!

Penny medicfem at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 04:05:10 PDT 2011

Ansteorra! Is Awesome!

Any Icee tubes would be accepted at GW Chirurgeons Point be them pickle, gatoraid or sugar free! But they will be available for all... No matter what kingdom they hail from! ;-) 
For those not going to war and want to give $$ instead.. I am willing to take donations.  I plan on buying up there.. Why haul when I can easily get those up there? ;-) 
I am also looking for a few volunteers for chirurgeons point to help stock and keep those puppies icee as well as pre-make some ice packs for injuries. 

For my next request, Mist Tent. The chirurgeons at GW already have a 10 x 10 EZ Up. Now how do I turn that into a lever pulling mist tent? Ideas? Construction Experts? Volunteers? ;-)

Oh I love when good people and good ideas come together!!

HL Caley
GW XXI War Chirurgeon

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