[Ansteorra] Fw: Fire Danger, Preparation, and Safe Guards at Defender

Dominique Epps blueingreen at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 6 16:27:48 PDT 2011

I am forwarding the official words of our Event Steward for Defender of the Fort
Musashi no Domai, Raven's Fort Seneschal
I just spoke with the Landowner of the Raven's Fort Site regarding fire, fire saftey, and precautions for our event.  He is concerned but not to the point of cancelling the event.  A summarized quote of our conversation would be, "NO FIRES OF ANY KIND." 
I couldn't agree more.
It pretty much goes without saying that fire in any form at Defender presents a potential threat to both property and people.  The threat is very, very real and everyone must be hyper-vigilant.
Please ensure that everyone and anyone you know coming to the event is aware of the rules we're putting in place for this event.  They will be posted around site, available online, and at the Gate.  If you have any questions, please ask.
Basic set of rules:
No campfires, contained or otherwise.  Period.
No open flames of any kind (including candles and tikis)
No Coleman lanterns
No BBQ pits or ” BBQ smokers”.
Cigarette smoking will be restricted to specified areas.  Please do not smoke outside these areas.  Smokers must use ashtrays or other fire safe containers to flick ashes.  There will be no flicking of ashes on the ground.  ALL BUTTS are to be completely
extinguished, doused in water, and left in the containers provided at the smoke stations.
--Please note, cigarette smoking is our single biggest fire threat.  Our methods may seem extreme and overly cautious but we cannot allow even a minor infraction because the extreme fire danger.  
It is strongly suggested that you do not cook on site.  Try to bring foods meant to be served cold or that need no heat to prepare.
Use of camp stoves for prepartion of ANY meals will be in the designated camp stove area only.  We will designate an area near the kitchen in close proximity to a water source and fire extinguishers.  Before you light any camp stove, ensure the area is
cleared of all debris and any other potential source of fuel.
A coffee/tea station will be available at the main kitchen for breakfast.  Do not brew coffee or tea at private sites.
We would prefer that all campsites have either a fire extinguisher or 5 gallons water container or sand bucket out in the open and easily accessible.
Be aware of the danger for automobiles to spark fires.  You are encouraged to park near your campsite for this event only.  Keep an eye on all automobiles until they have cooled.
All rules are subject to change.
We will have a dozer on hand as well as the Raven’s Fort conscripted fire brigade (my truck with water, shovels, radios, etc).  The Landowner is also a Volunteer Fire Fighter.  Our closest fire station is three miles away.  Every second counts.
I know it’s all a bit extreme, but we must take these steps for the safety of all.


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