[Ansteorra] Original Scroll Showing at Coronation

Star Signet star-signet at herald.ansteorra.org
Tue Sep 6 08:10:48 PDT 2011

Good Day to All,

I wanted to let everyone know the College of Scribes will be hosting an area
to show original scrolls at the Coronation of Their Royal Highness' Aaron
and Amelot Lisette.   If you are a patron of an original or an artisan of an
original scroll and wish to have it shown so the Kingdom can see your work,
please contact me off list.

The College of Scribes will have a page on the website that will list
Artisans/Scribes who take commissions for original scrolls.  So if you are
interested, we will have photo release forms as well as informational forms
for you to complete at Coronation.

I encourage all to consider showing their work as well as letting others in
our Great Kingdom know of your abilities.

In Service to the Dream,

Lady Viviana Rowntree
Star Signet Herald

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