[Ansteorra] Upcoming Calendar Changes

Danielle Jennings cle0patra.29.85 at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 8 06:49:30 PDT 2011

So as I understand it everyone who is not a Barony or a Province will be
allowed to select one of the 35 non PED weekends for their event six months
before the baronies are allowed to select a date for a second event and at
that point the Baronies will have to fill open weekends before they are
allowed to scheduled an event in conflict with anyone's event.

If that is correct I think I like this idea. Possibly because I am one
member of the populace who sits around sad all spring because I can't go to
Gulf and there are no events going on (it seems that the weekends before and
after Gulf are often left open for preparation and recovery)

One question how long before the event will Kingdom be selecting dates (will
shires etc. get to select dates before kingdom A&S, Queen's, Round table
dates are set)?


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