[Ansteorra] Upcoming Calendar Changes

Penny medicfem at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 09:50:14 PDT 2011

Greeting Ansteorra,

Not understanding this change and not seeing the full plan made me question it's intention and impact.

1. Why the change?
2. (Most important to me) How will this effect my group? 

After speaking to his Majesty at great lengths this morning, my misunderstanding of this change has been removed. In short, the why and how's now make sense.

In my position as Seneschal, it is my responsibility to understand and be able to answer the questions and intentions of this change to the populous. Honestly, what is coming into being just makes common sense.

This change is simply to fill the calendar by reducing the holes and "overbooking" of weekends. This can only benefit the kingdom, the independent groups of ANY size (including those in smaller groups )and individuals to plan ahead of time. The current system of overbooking and clumping events in less weekends obviously isn't working.

In short, there is change coming, but those changes do have merit as to reason and were well constructed with all groups in mind.

By the way, don't doubt his Majesty... He isn't kidding when he says he is available and willing to address all concerns. ;-)

In Service,

HL Caley
Seneschal of Seawinds

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