[Ansteorra] Wiesenfeuer Charter Design Competition at Wiesenfeuer Yule Revel in December

Torinsmail torinsmail at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 13 17:17:57 PDT 2011

I for one really think I like this change.  I have lamented for years 
that weekends will pass without any event, or an event I wish to 
attend-- then two events, both ones that I want to attend, happen on the 
same weekend.  I am forced to choose, to literally rob Peiter to pay 
Paul, because I can't support/attend both events.

Also the clarification seems that small groups (shires, cantons, and 
etc.)  can now seek to two or more events with a better chance at 
success.  Their own event without competition, and Kingdom events (again 
without competition and the guaranteed presence of Royalty).

And as I have witnessed recently small groups can co-host with other 
small groups or with their sponsoring barony and produce some very 
enjoyable and successful events...  One question, when co-hosting,  can 
for example,  two shires co-host, and still choose two weekends as if 
each was hosting an event on their own?

Also-- since, especially with smaller groups, co-hosted events provide 
for a larger support pool and often a more successful event-- would 
putting in language that encourages groups to go that route also be 

in service,

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