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Posted on behalf of the autocrats of  Outlands Battlemoor III who would 
very much appreciate the input of  our friends and family in Ansteorra!

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Subj: [outlands] Important Survey regarding Battlemoor

Greetings unto the people of the Outlands!

As you may know by now,  Mistress Yazida and I have agreed to run 
Battlemoor this year, and we are  starting to look at all of the areas that will need 
careful planning,  reviewing past event reports and records, and trying to 
make some tough  preliminary decisions.

On site after Crown, we held a meeting and  tried to spend a lot of time 
listening to previous staff and people who were  interested in the future of 
the event. One thing that kept coming up was  discussion of changing the 
dates of the event.

This is a thing we are  willing to consider, if it will be for the greater 
good of Battlemoor and  the Outlands.

As we see it, there are three main possibilities. 
-  Leave it on the 4th of July Weekend
- Move it to Memorial Day
- Move  it to Labor Day

Obviously, each of the three has drawbacks and  advantages. Memorial Day 
would effectively end or force date changes for  Crossroads and Grand 
Outlandish; Labor Day would force either the end or  change of Warders and Three 
Stags. We have spoken with the Coronets in  Caerthe, Fontaine, and Al-Barran, 
and they have agreed to allow Battlemoor  to take the place of these events 
should that be the best course.

The  changes to other events' schedules notwithstanding, there are other 
pros and  cons to changing the date, and there are pros and cons to each of 
the  possible alternative dates. Some we have already heard, some we have  not.

We would like to canvas the opinions of the Outlands as a whole  before we 
make any kind of a decision. The idea of changing any of the above  events 
weighs heavily upon us, but the voices for change have made a strong  case.

And so, Outlanders, we ask you to please take the following  survey: 


This  survey will be active through this Friday, the 16th. Please cross 
post the  link to your local group lists and forward it to your friends who 
aren't on  any lists. We do need as broad a sampling as we can get.

Thank you  for your help in this heavy matter
- Massimiliano

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