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Mon Sep 19 11:25:41 PDT 2011

I believe Mistress Nerak has the recipe.

Aethelyan Moondragon, Bryn Gwlad

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> Duke Jonathan is the last Grand Master of the Imperium  Compound Guild in
> Ansteorra.
> He passed the skill down to his sons, but the quit the SCA in a cloud of
> political smoke so he is the only one who has the official recipe.
> When the West wanted to reintroduce the brew they came to Duke Jonathan to
> learn.
> He won't teach me because he think I would teach the Caldal and Caldal kins
> and then it would be a open secret, but I am sure he would teach someone who
> felt was trustworthly with the secret. .Making is more of an art form
> because you taste it to make sure it is right and you have to be able to
> remember the taste. Too much one way or the other is not IC
> willow

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