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As Steppes Youth Marshall I coordinate frequently with the Central regional youth marshal. How about letting people know youth chivalric (boffer, if you must) authorizations are likely to be available, as well as assistance on armor for youth and the new regulations on swords before they are mandatory January 1. 

Additionally, I am interested in siege weapons and hope to coordinate a youth competition of siege weapons in the future. I know no protocol currently exists, but I 'd like to meet the people that make it happen on the adult level and see what we can take down to a youth program. 

Alexandra Notte  Clare, Steppes Youth Marshal

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Greetings unto the Populace of the finest Kingdom in the Knowne World,
    I, Ld Biau-douz de la Mere from Barony Bordermarch, wish to remind everyone & anyone that teachers & classes are welcomed & needed for BAM 2011... I am this years class co-ordinator... I wish to extend an invitation to those interested in teaching @ this most glorious event to either drop an e-mail @ beaudumesnil at hotmail.com or call me @ 409-283-4548 (cell) anytime to discuss class teaching opportunities...
   So far we have in store another wonderful HAFLA... Lady Angelica de Granada, Bordermarch's very own hospitaler, is deputized to coordinate the HAFLA events... I will be pleased to field requests for these type of activities but will turn them over to Lady A...
   I hope to have Chiv, Rapier, & mixed weapon type authorizations in place to get everyone interested in these authorized in time for Gulf Wars... I feel, as the Baronial Knight Marshal, that it is my duty & responsibility to try & get qualified as many people in as many different martial practices as feasible... This is a big undertaking as I have to coordinate w/ our Champions, who double as our scenario coordinators, time allotments for these type of authorizing activities... I likewise need qualified authorizing Marshals of the different disciplines (i.e., Siege, Combat Archery, Thrown Weapons, Cut & Thrust, etc., etc.,) to make these dreams a reality... Any & all advice & assistance w/ this task would be greatly appreciated... I'm begging, Please!...
   Our new Star Pricipal Herald has also expressed interest in creating a class tier for the Heraldic Arts.... Looking for any interested parties for this track...
   I would also love to host Scribal Arts classes as the Barony has new writing tables for Scribal Point... We would be tickled pink for anyone to share their artistic abilities & crafts in these mediums...
   Pottery Demonstrations involving period & mundane techniques & materials would be very welcome as well...
   Ld Goldweard please contact me Re: Puppet Theater... or, if someone can please relay to him "Puppet Theater" & my info... thx
   Blacksmithing, Armor making, Vintning, Brewing, Fiber Arts, etc.... Whatever your specialty please come to our wonderful event & share your talents...
                                     Yours in Humble & Glorious Service, Ld Biau-douz de la Mere, Pen & Sword Marshal of Barony Bordermarch
                                                         mka: Beau Dumesnil
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