[Ansteorra] 3 Kings Champions

Emma Fairwyll emmafairwyll at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 17:41:26 PDT 2011

Hark unto me Good Lords and Great Ladies as do I announce that the fair
shire of Rosenfeld shall choose a Bardic Champion and an A&S Champion at 3
Kings-Tournament of the Cross.
 Standard Kingdom judging forms shall be used with entrants listing their
chosen 3 Kings Principal at the top of the form.
  Those participating in A&S please do me the service if you will of
contacting me with your entry information (that I may secure appropriate
judges for the various arts) at moas at rosenfeld.ansteorra.org .  Likewise if
thou art a Iris or Laurel with experience in a particular (or several) arts,
are attending 3 Kings this year (Nov 5.) and would be interested in judging
I would be grateful to hear from you regarding your speciality-I require 2
more Bardic Judges also so prithee do consider the challenge.

With Anticipation and Excitement I hope to hear from you and seeing you at
one of the year's most fun events.

Be Bestowed with Blessings,

Emma Farewyll
Rosenfeld MoAS

Be bestowed with Blessings,

Emma Farewyll

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