[Ansteorra] Triumphe of the Eclipse VI as I see it

Owen ap Aeddan owenapaeddan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 08:29:32 PDT 2011


I say that word a lot, some even think too much but that is because they do
not see the world in the same light that I do.

Friday night JP and Owen show with a very large studio audience we had a
blast catching up telling new stories sharing old stories. Visiting with
friends and making new ones as I see it, that was awesome.

Saturday started early got the Rose pavilion set up with help from some
really cool people. I had decided that I was going to watch the children
instead of fighting in the tournament so my wife could devote all of her
time to the roses pavilion. We did the quest and played games and in general
they ran me into the ground but I got to spend a day playing with my kids
which does not get to happen often enough. On top of that I got to visit
with dear friends and add two new squires to my family, which as I see it,
was pretty damn awesome.

Saturday night shook the pillars of heaven (literally) being the voice of
the King and Etienne being the voice of the Queen rocked. That court was a
blast I hope everyone had as much fun as we did. With the storm adding its
thoughts to the proceedings of my excellent friend Evangelos getting
knighted, we ended the day with washing dishes and singing which was totally

Sunday was clean up and pack up closed court for TRM which I am very
greatful for letting me be there voice and headed home arrived safely  got
the car unloaded and everything back where it belonged instead of a pile on
the floor which is, yeah it was awesome.

To the Province of Mooneschadowe thank you for the wonderful weekend.The
childrens activities saved at least two lives that I know of.

To our mighty King and beautiful Queen thank you for gracing us with your
presence and adding that much more to the full event of Awesome that is
Triumphe of the Eclipse. Thank you, for letting me be your voice I was
honored. To the populace of Mooneschadowe  sit back have a cold one and know
that you are AWESOME.

Iarll Owen ap Aeddan

Marchog of Ansteorra

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