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In the Island in the Sea of Time series, that's exactly what does happen, except with the few things that they managed to engineer to keep going. Stirling is a terrific author.


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>That would bug me too. Why not just let the technology die a natural
>death - ie it works until it runs out of fuel? Like for example, your
>cell phone would cease to be a "phone" immediately when it is cut off
>from the network, but you can still use it as a
>calculator/camera/whatever other nifty features it has until it runs
>out of batteries. Which in most cameras is a week without use, or as
>little as a day if you don't put it down, but maybe up to a month if
>you unplug the battery and save it. Seems to me that would add an
>interesting added complication, with trying to balance between present
>need and potential future uses. And of course the balance between
>personal ownership and group benefit (like if you want to play cell
>phone games, but the group could use the battery for something with
>major survival benefit).

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